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Testing Patterns

When someone creates a new pattern they like to have people test that pattern before it goes public. The testers look for not only errors in the pattern itself but things like grammar errors, measurement errors and everything else that could trip someone up making the pattern. 

I was simply elated to be chosen to test out a pattern for the Tiny Zippy Box by Michael Ann. This isn't her first pattern and she has some really cute baby stuff on her website too MichaelAnnMade

I was sent the pattern and was given a week to complete the Tiny Zippy Box and then send in my results as well as any recommendations.

I chose to use a line of fabric by Art Gallery called Maker. Since this is a little box that would be great for toting around your hand sewing items, I felt that this fabric choice was perfect for this project. 

I have to say the project was an overall success. I had a few issues here and there, but most of that is because I'm a beginner sewer and I'm still learning how to read patterns and learn the lingo. 

While my first run is by no means perfect, it photographs really well- which is what is important :). I learned a few new tricks for sewing around corners and using various types of interfacing. I put in the binding by hand which I think saved me a lot of grief trying to get the bulk to go through my sewing machine. I was quite happy with the way the fussy cutting turned out. It was really my first time trying to line up fabric and make it directional and intentionally placed. 
Michael Ann is planning to release the pattern for sale later this week. So check her website to purchase. If you're an instagrammer check out #tinyzippybox to see how the other test pattern people completed theirs. 

Sewing Level: Intermediate
Cost: $12
Time: 6 hours

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