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One Hour Baskets

 One Hour?! Great!! I could make like three of these while my 2 year old naps. Well, truth be told, the first one took me about 2 hours. Someone told me it's kind of like those 30-minute recipes you make for dinner that take 2 hours....

But since then I've made 3 more baskets and the last one took about 45 minutes.

Here's the front and back of the baskets. They are pretty sturdy! The finished basket is 10" L x 6"W x 7" H

It's a great project to use up your scraps because it lends itself to being constructed in so many ways. You can quilt it, scrap it, and even embroider it. 

They are great for sitting on my selves to collect my salvage pieces, scraps and other catch all items.

I think I need to commit to a fabric and make three matching or at least coordinating baskets though! I might have to de-stash these...

I used the same pattern and added ears for a cute little bunny basket for Moses for Easter. Let's just say a 2 year old boy does not appreciate the cuteness factor of the basket- but it does hold up well as it get thrown under the couch, down the stairs and dragged under his radio flyer! 

A few others I've made....

And one my friend made while she and I spent a morning sewing together! 

The pattern is free so head over to Crafty website and download it today. It'll only take you an hour to make ;) 

If you Instagram, you can make yours and hashtag #hourbasket or check it out for style inspiration!

Sewing Level: Beginner
Cost: $10
Time: 1 hour

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