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Boxy Bags

These little boxy bags by Kelly are so addicting to make. They are FAST too...which is high on my list. I like to see things finished! 

Kelly offers a free tutorial on her website Kelbysews. I've so far made 5 of these far! They finish at about 10" long so they're great for make-up, travel cosmetics, or other little trinkets. 

You can vary the sizing of the bag by changing the zipper size. The front blue bag is made with a 12" zipper and the back bag is made with a yellow 14" zipper. I want to try and make a tiny one to see how that would work. 

The insides offer such a fun surprise too. 

Also if you're on instagram check out the hashtag #boxybags and you'll see a bunch of variations to her design. Some add handles, make lunch boxes, and mini bags. 
Sewing Level: Beginner- knowledge of zipper installation is helpful but her tutorial does a great job walking you through the steps. 
Time: 1 hour or less
Cost: $9

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