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Pocket Party Pouch Test Pattern

This was a fun one. A quick easy sew too! I was once again able to test a pattern for a friend on Instagram. Micahel Ann from just released this fun little pouch. The Pocket Party Pouch comes in three different sizes and is great for not only sewing notions but for a little add on gift as well.

The skill level required to make these is beginner. Although putting the snaps on was trying. I think installing zippers is easier! I think with practice they will get easier. It's just an awkward skill to master.


The small pouch would be great to use a wallet or to give gift cards as a present. There is one pocket with the small pouch. 

The medium pouch would hold an iPhone 4 or 5. It has two pockets. 

The third pouch is my favorite. It holds my iPhone 6. It also has two pockets. I've been using this as a wallet during the summer. 

If you are looking for a fun easy sewing project....this is it! The exterior is quilted but you wouldn't necessarily have to quilt it. It does add to the sturdiness of the project though. So increase your interfacing strength if omitting the quilting portion. 

I also hand sewed the binding down but you could easily machine bind it. 

For all three
Cost: $10
Skill Level: Beginner
Time: Less than an hour 

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