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Let's Sew Together!

If you Instagram #sewtogetherbag you will find about a bazillion posts about these cute little bags that you can take with you when you are sewing at a friends house. Again, my desire to have a sew together bag came because of my need to store my new littlehexies (more later). 
These bags are a little tricky for the beginner sewer so I'm glad I had a friend that did a sew along with me on this project. 

We found this great Sew Together Sew Along at The Quilt Barn.  She has a 5 day tutorial with GOBS of pictures. I found it pretty easy to follow along with her. 

FIRST you must purchase the pattern. I found one on Etsy (search: sew together bag) or you can go to the source and order a digital copy Sew Demented. The pattern will cost you $12. 

Gathering your materials is the fun part. I ordered most of my fabric via etsy- thanks to my dad for the gift card for my birthday! I used all fat quarters and piece my pockets together. You could use all one fabric but piecing the fabric makes the bag really unique! 
Understanding the Fat Quarter has been tricky for me for some reason. So here's a picture to help cement it in your head. If you get into quilting FQ's will become your friend! 

I also ordered my zippers from etsy. Zipit Zippers  has a great deal for zippers. You'll need a whopping 4 for this project. Zipit even has a set up order for the sew together bag. Get all 4 zippers for $2.30 +SH. I went with plastic zippers for this project. They are easier to install than metal. 

So here's my WIP (work in progress). 3 of the 4 zippers installed. 

I really didn't run into too much trouble until I had to put on my zipper tabs. It was basically the 2nd to last step to finishing the bag. Quilary  had a tutorial that at least gave me a different view of putting the tabs on. I should have taken some photos of my process. If I make another I'll update this post. 

Here's the final turn out. It's  10" x5" x5". It has 3 zippered pockets and 5 sections. It'll hold a pair of scissors and TONS of other items. There is also an optional pin cushion and needle landing  that you can install. 

Sewing Level: Intermediate, installation of zippers is nice to know but they do a good job of walking you through the process
Cost: $22 + pattern cost ($12)
Time Commitment: 15 hours, It took about 4-5 nights of 3-4 hours each

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